See Well Combination Suction and Retraction Instrument


The See Well instrument is constructed of a single piece of hollow, polished stainless steel and is shipped unsterilized. It contains a suction opening and is equipped with a round opening that can be covered by the operator’s finger to regulate the amount of suction.  The instrument easily connects to standard surgical tubing. It can be placed in an ultrasonic cleaning device and either be heat, steam or chemically sterilized. Purchase the suction hose kit as an additional accessory.

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The new See Well combination suction and retraction instrument was developed by an oral surgeon committed to providing professionals with a less obstructed field of vision. The result? Increased surgical efficiency and safety.

  • Improves ability to see well within the oral landscape, especially with impacted maxillary third molars
  • Reduces crowding in the patient’s mouth
  • Facilitates ease of movement for the dentist/oral surgeon and dental assistant
  • Shortens procedure time and increases safety, especially for upper teeth
  • Increases surgical efficiency during full-mouth extraction cases and mandibular torus removal by evacuating blood, bone, and fluids as they are produced
  • Decreases the occurrence of accidental maxillary sinus perforation in maxillary extractions
  • Reduces fatigue of dental staff
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Country of Manufacture


Patent Number

U.S. 8,221,316


316 Stainless Steel


8.5" (L) x 0.312" (O.D.)

Wall Thickness



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