See Well Specifications

See Well’s Features and Benefits

Made in the USA, the innovative See Well device is ideal for difficult oral surgeries or procedures, especially those with limited space in which to work or where brisk bleeding is expected. Made of stainless steel, the flat suction device is essentially “a Seldin® with suction.” It allows the doctor to work with little – or sometimes no – assistance.


  • Improves ability to see well within the oral landscape, especially with impacted maxillary third molars
  • Reduces crowding in the patient’s mouth
  • Facilitates ease of movement for the dentist/oral surgeon and dental assistant
  • Shortens procedure time and increases safety, especially for upper teeth
  • Increases surgical efficiency during full-mouth extraction cases and mandibular torus removal by evacuating blood, bone, and fluids as they are produced
  • Decreases the occurrence of accidental maxillary sinus perforation in maxillary extractions
  • Reduces fatigue of dental staff

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Ready for use

NOTE: This video is not intended for general audiences.
It contains a graphic dental procedure.


Country of Manufacture U.S.A.
Patent Number U.S. 8,221,316
Material 316 Stainless Steel
Dimensions 8.5" (L) x 0.312" (O.D.)
Wall Thickness 0.035"